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Your checkout checklist

You have the friendliest front desk team in town, and your consultations are honed to perfection, but are you throwing away all your hard work at the checkout? One of the most common mistakes salons make, especially when things get busy, is rushing clients out the door at the end of a consultation.

A professional checkout should be the cherry on top of a great experience. Get it right, and you’ll not only impress your clients, but you’ll increase your profits too.

To help you hit the mark every time, here’s our handy checkout checklist.

Did you ask them about their service?

The best salons are consistently asking for client feedback. At the checkout, inquiring about the consultation is incredibly important. As well as reminding clients that their satisfaction is important to you, this also gives you a chance to catch issues quickly and turn them around. If the client is over the moon with their service, don’t forget to invite the client to review you online to spread the word about your business.

Did you ask them to rebook?

Rebooking your clients at the end of the consultation is the key to getting your clients back in the chair more often. Most clients won’t naturally think about their next appointment as they go to leave, but a simple reminder is often all it takes to get them locked in.

Did you upsell?

A great checkout should always involve an invitation to purchase at-home products. Checking their purchase history will allow you to make recommendations based on what they might need to re-order. Don’t forget about gift cards for clients who are all stocked up on product – not only will these bring you immediate revenue, but you also get the chance to meet a new client when the recipient comes in to receive their service.

Did you invite them to join your loyalty program?

Loyalty programs will do wonders for your business, but you need your clients to join up in order to get the benefits. Be sure to check if clients are a member of your loyalty club when you are checking them out, and remind them of the value they are getting by being in the program.

Did you check their details?  

Your marketing activities are only as successful as the accuracy of your client database. Be sure to check that the email address, phone number and address are correct in their client profile at the end of every visit.

What steps does your salon take to impress your clients at checkout?