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Success Story

Alcyon Hair and Beauty

Picture this: You’ve finally realised your dream of opening your own salon in the perfect space. Your team is ready, clients are beating down the door, everything is in place, except… the internet doesn’t work.

No internet required

Our mix of installed software and cloud technology means that your Shortcuts Appointment Book can function as normal even without internet.

Could your business survive without the internet?

This was the reality faced by Deborah Cannizzaro when she opened Alcyon Hair and Beauty on Shaw Road in the leafy inner-Brisbane suburb of Wooloowin. Deb was thrilled to have launched the salon, a thriving space where locals and non-locals alike flock for a range of hair, beauty and nail services delivered by a tight-knit and passionate team.

“A combination of an overloaded electricity exchange and slow NBN roll out speeds means that four years after opening we still suffer regular internet outages at the salon.”

“As a business we are trying to remain profitable and get the word out about the beautiful services we offer, but the internet issues really make it hard.”

“Knowing I can rely on the Shortcuts Appointment Book and Point of Sale System to manage the business and guarantee revenue is a comfort to me when I often don’t know if we’re going to have internet that day.”