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Clarissa owns and manages the incredibly successful TONI&GUY salon in Toronto. With 35 awards under their belt, the salon is renowned for their artistry, creativity and business know-how. She also balances life as a mom of two active dancers.

The really great thing that Shortcuts allows me to do is to take my phone with me anywhere and be in contact with the salon at all times. I am able to book appointments when I’m at the dance school, I am able to take calls and look at the salon schedule on the phone.

Clarissa Borg, Owner, TONI&GUY Yorkville

“Time is very valuable. My life outside of the salon is probably just as busy as inside the salon, because it mostly comprises of my two girls. They keep me very busy, dancing up to 7 days a week, which is why I need access to the salon 24/7.”

“I love that I can go home on quiet time when the kids are in bed and setup 4-5 emails to go out on certain days at certain times to coincide with what’s going on in the salon. I can have it pre-set and then just walk away from the computer.”