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How to Boost Post-Christmas Bookings

Posted on 12th December 2016 by Fleur Murphy

Post Christmas

Stressed about filling your appointment book after the festive period? With clients away on holiday, or simply in recovery from festive over-spending, the ‘quiet’ season has become notorious with salon and spa owners everywhere.

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The Salon Style Pod

Posted on 1st December 2016 by Michelle Blake

The Style Pod

You need to step back to understand what it is clients want from their salon experience. They come primarily to look good, of course - so they will be seeking your advice and expertise on hair style, colour and aftercare. They need to feel confident about you from the beginning and you need to accommodate their expectations.

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Six steps to get set for the festive season

Posted on 15th November 2016 by Melissa Payne

Checklist Blog Thumbnail

The festive season is just around the corner – in fact you’re probably already feeling the pressure!

To help ease you into the festive frenzy, we’ve created this quick and easy checklist to help you get set for the silly season.

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6 Steps to Effective Salon Management

Posted on 4th November 2016 by Hellen Ward

Salon Management
Being a salon owner myself, I know how hard it is to be across everything that lands in your lap as a salon manager. As tempting as it is to assume that ‘nobody will do it like you’ quite simply most salon managers or owners are usually juggling other huge responsibilities, too, like running busy columns.
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Gro a Mo Save a Bro - Movember Marketing

Posted on 24th October 2016 by Luke Wilkinson


What is your barbers, salon or spa doing for Movember?

In this blog post I will show you how to plan, arrange and promote your Movember month and make it a magnificent success.

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